Human Appeal

The charity providing every single child
in refugee camp with shoes

A Facebook video released by Manchester-based humanitarian aid charity, Human Appeal, that shows a Syrian refugee child in need of a pair of shoes was viewed over a million times in its first week and reached 3.7million people.

The video, below, contains real footage from the Mafraq refugee camp on Jordan's border with war-torn Syria. In the footage, Human Appeal’s Partnership Manager, Omar Ali introduces Amaar, a barefooted 3-year-old refugee boy living in the camp. Omar tells the viewer, holding a tiny pair of blue wellington boots, that "Amaar is running around barefoot because his feet simply don’t fit into these shoes." Omar continues, “There isn’t anyone… who has been able to give him or buy him new shoes, so hopefully this is one of the many things Human Appeal will be doing for the children this in particular camp.”

The viewer then sees Omar Ali and other Human Appeal staff arriving into the camp again, holding onto the back of a truck packed with humanitarian aid, provided by Human Appeal. As refugees queue up for the aid, Omar brings a pair of shoes to Amaar and helps him put them on. Then a visibly delighted little Amaar plays football with Omar in his new shoes, whilst Omar commentates, "Every single child and orphan in this camp we have now provided them with brand-spanking new shoes".

Human Appeal's Omar Ali, who featured alongside 3-year-old Amaar in the video, said "I have travelled around the world, helping provide humanitarian support to millions of people, I have heard countless, heartbreaking stories, I have seen countless, heartbreaking events and I have met countless people gripped by desperation and need, but meeting little Amaar will always stay with me."

The above article by Nisha Kotecha first published on in Mar, 2016.