Bobby's Walk Full Circle

1 Man, 80 years old, 2,600 miles

So what is it?

'Bobby's Walk Full Circle’ is a 2,600 mile charity trek across India, that will see India Association Chairman Bobby Grewal, walk from Kanyakumari (on the Southern tip of India) up the east coast, via Chennai and Kolkata to Delhi, where he is due to finish the walk in late March 2016. The amazing point to note is that Bobby completed his India west cost walk in 2005 as can be seen on the map and the facing page. 80 year old Bobby will embark on the five-month walk in October 2015, with the aim of raising £1.5 million. All money raised will be distributed the nominated charities listed at the bottom of this booklet.

Not just a walk in the park

The walk will be extremely challenging, due to Bobby's age, the extreme weather conditions and tough terrain and Bobby will need to ensure that he covers 20-25 miles a day, in order
to reach the various milestones along the route, where he will attend publicity and fundraising events.

Team effort

Bobby will be accompanied by a single support vehicle and team of four; a PR Manager, a driver, a chef and a physiotherapist, who will ensure that he remains in good health throughout the five months. Many sponsors and supporters will also join us along the route for short periods.

Planned route

Bobby will walk through the following states (although these may be subject to change) :

• Tamilnadu
• Andhra Pradesh
• Odisha
• West Bengal
• Jharkhand
• Bihar
• Uttar Pradesh
• New Delhi

How can I help?

People like you will make it possible for us to make a difference to individuals all over the world and together we hope to bring smiles to many faces.

There are numerous ways to raise money for Bobby's Walk and here are just a few:


You can make donations directly on our website Their are numerous 'Donate’ buttons throughout the website and you can also go directly to our donations page.

Golden Giving

You can donate via the Golden Giving fundraising and donation website on

Over £1 billion is donated online every year in the UK. On average 25% of every donation is automatically deducted due to business management and operational costs, or due to the use of third party providers and associated fees. Golden Giving provide the business tools and remove the business costs associated with donating and fundraising. If everyone used Golden Giving, over £250 million more would go to charity front line causes, year on year.

Golden Giving is free to use for charities, donors and fundraisers, is transparent and has NO hidden charges. They are sponsored by philanthropic public and private companies from around the world, who share the view that "company giving back" is a social responsibility.


We have various sponsorship opportunities that will significantly help to reduce expenses for Bobby's Walk.

You can sponsor everything from various services for our Black Tie fundraiser right through to the hire of the motorhome, fuel, communications, airline travel and team members we will need in India.

If you have a specific service and wish to sponsor Bobby's Walk Full Circle, please email Dr Rajan Bhanot, Bobby’s Walk Project Director at or give us a call on +44 7990 750000.