Hotbed of social enterprise

More than 80 Manchester Uni academics/students take part in 1 year programme turning their start-up or social enterprise ideas into reality

The Innovation Optimiser, developed by UMIP, encourages and inspires people to turn science-based research into successful commercial businesses.

As part of the Innovation Optimiser process, staff and students sign up to the signature workshop programme Roadmap.

So far 18 of the 80 'trainee entrepreneurs' referred have expressed interest in developing a start-up after completing the scheme.

Tony Walker, director of the Innovation Optimiser, said external start-up experts such as Ian Brookes of DNAPeople and communication expert – and onetime stand-up comedian – Ashley Boroda have been integral to the programme so far.

He said: "We are delighted that the Innovation Optimiser has successfully completed its first pilot year.

We introduced the concept to encourage and inspire more people to turn their ideas into reality and are working closely with Manchester Enterprise Centre supporting student entrepreneurs.

Academic, staff and research student innovators can have a profound impact on society and we're privileged to work with them to bring their ideas to fruition."

The above article Bryce Wilcock first published on in Oct, 2016.