Chance for Life

Charitable raffle & auction - FOURTH RUSSIAN DEBUTANTE BALL IN LONDON – Saturday, 19 November 2016, Grosvenor House Hotel, Mayfair.


FOURTH RUSSIAN DEBUTANTE BALL IN LONDON – Saturday, 19th November 2016, Grosvenor House Hotel, Mayfair.




The CHANCE FOR LIFE charity is chosen by the organisers of Russian Debutante Ball to be a recipient for all the funds raised during the Charitable Raffle and the Auction.

Every year we surprise our guests with a wide range of great prizes. This year is not an exception. Quite a few brands and companies were extremely generous to donate their Raffle Prizes for a good course, among those are luxurious stay in 5 star SPA retreat in Greece, tickets for sought-after events in London, beautiful interior pieces, luxurious accessories, exclusive limited edition books, just to mention a few. The winning numbers are to be revealed during the Ball.

We invite all our friends to participate in the RAFFLE beforehand and buy as many tickets as possible via our friendly supporters Billetto to increase your chance for winning a great prize and MAINLY to support our project this year: to help with the medical needs children in Dmitrovski Orphanage, Moscow region.

The price of one ticket is £20.00, and we are suggesting getting 10 tickets for £120 or 20 tickets for £200 or 30 tickets for £300. Buy the raffle tickets and show your care for less fortunate children.

Good luck and thank you for your support!

About Chance for Life.

Chance for Life is a charity organisation devoted to caring for disadvantaged children from Russian orphanages who are deprived of home care and love. We are to act as an umbrella to unite like-minded people and organisations willing to pursue the charitable courses including financial, emotional and social support. There are numerous orphanages in Russia that need assistance in fulfilling their social task – to raise happy and responsible children who have an equal right for brighter future.

We also raise the awareness and gather particular funds to help to perform the highly technological medical operations for children. In these cases many Russians living in London become the part of the huge family that helps particular children to survive , whose life and happiness are divided from death and parents' despair only by length of medical operation. Our friends and supporters find place and home in their hearts for the hopes of less fortunate families of their compatriots.


To encourage charitable activities in the UK by raising awareness of people towards under-privileged children and young adults in Russia.To run the cultural events within Russian community in UK with fundraising purposes towards helping the particular children who are in need of the urgent medical operationsTo assist charitable organisations in Russia dealing with orphanages by raising funds in the UK.To promote social, cultural and emotional connections between children in the UK and Russia through international exchange.To assist with adaptation in the UK within the framework of temporary relocation due to medical or educational reasons.

See more details on the Chance for Life Raffle and Auction.