The THX Co

The social enterprise giving
a fresh perspective on giving
through awesome product

The THX Co identifies global needs, and with the purchase of a great product, they donate 100% of the profit to specific nonprofit partners.

Their Cost + $5 model makes changing the world a little easier. They are expecting to launch in Febuary 2015. Check out their great products below along with a Q&A with the team at THX. I am really looking forward to the THX release and to see their progress going into 2015. I think they have a great chance of becoming one of the leading social enterprises out there based on their branding and overall structure and product line.

Where and when did the idea for The THX Co originate?

About three years ago, our founder made the decision to create a brand that he'd dreamed of launching for decades. A brand purposed to provide people with better, more meaningful opportunities to invest in the welfare of others.

He knew that if the brand proposed the same ways of the past, results would be limited. A fresh perspective on "Giving" needed to take place.

This led to the founding of The THX Co. – a "Not Just For Profit" social enterprise committed to Doing Good, Better by providing uniquely inspired goods at truly transparent prices and directly investing 100% of profits into non-profit initiatives that matter most to you.

Why choose fragrances and coffee to be your two introductory products? What went into that decision?

From the beginning, we wanted to secure our brand's promise to you: responsibly sourced, top quality, daily essential products.

The heart behind our mission was clear: to give people the opportunity to empower others simply by the things they love and use on a regular basis.

By crafting a fine line of original fragrances with a universal essence & a delicious blend of sustainably sourced coffee with universal appeal, we knew that we’d be able to control the quality of our product & compete for brand awareness in highly competitive markets.

At THX, we believe changing the world first starts with a conversation. These two product categories have a unique ability to enrich our daily interactions, invite new opportunities, and spark conversations that matter.

Talk about the decision to go with the THX "Cost+" Model. How does it work?

With the THX “Cost+” Model, we set out to answer one fundamental question we continually had for many of today’s social businesses:

What is the true impact of my purchase?

With the THX “Cost+” Model, you pay the genuine cost of bringing our goods to market, plus a quantifiable donation to a partner charity initiative of your choice. You’re able to see exactly what you’re paying for, as well as how much of your purchase is invested into each initiative. Simply put: we’re investing 100% of profits into non-profit causes.

How do profits get allocated to the non-profits? For example, if a customer buys a fragrance, do they get to choose which non-profit their purchase supports?

THX is out to provide people with better choices to make an active difference for the communities and causes that matter most to them. At checkout, you choose which one of our current partner initiatives you would like to invest in.

We believe, giving back shouldn't be a mystery. Through a partnership with Fidelity Charitable, THX has created a Donor Advised Fund – a type of 501(c)(3) that ensures accountability, efficiency, transparent reporting and third-party monitoring.

The above article by Grant Trahant first published on in 2015.