The Choir with No Name

Inspirational choir gives
voice to the marginalised

An inspiring organisation has given a voice to homeless people and others from the edges of society in a unique, feel-good way – by letting them sing.

The Choir with No Name

The Choir with No Name runs choirs for homeless people and other men and women who may be marginalised by society. The diverse groups of people come together to sing pop, rock, soul, gospel, reggae, musicals and much, much more. There are four choirs across the country – two in London, one in Birmingham and one in Liverpool, with each choir rehearsing once a week. The choirs join up to perform together on a regular basis too. After rehearsals each choir sits down to a delicious dinner, prepared by a group of volunteers.

Feel-good vibes

The organisation was founded on the premise that singing makes you feel good. Singing distracts you from other things that may be going on in your life, and helps build up confidence and self-belief. The aims of The Choir with No Name are as follows:

* Have a brilliant time at rehearsals
* Put on performances that leave audiences begging for more
* Supporting one and another in dreams and ambitions, musical or otherwise

A musical family

The amazing thing about The Choir with No Name is that it provides an environment where homeless and marginalised people can come together in trust and support one another. Many of the choir members do not have the support of family and friends, and this musical family provides an invaluable network for them. The choir also offers the chance for people to make friends, build their skills and find a place for themselves within society.

Spreading the love

Singing workshops are also delivered in each of the cities where The Choir with No Name works, helping to share the joy of singing with as many disadvantaged people as possible. These fantastic workshops are also run with the secondary aim of recruiting a few more choir members along the way.

Want to get involved?

Don't worry – you don’t have to be blessed with an amazing voice to get involved with the choir! If you are or have been homeless, or you’re struggling with something difficult in your life, the choir is the perfect place for you to go and let off some steam. There’s no audition needed – this is no X Factor! Simply pop down to a rehearsal and if you enjoy yourself and want to come back, that’s great. You can find out more about getting involved and where your nearest choir is by clicking here.

The Choir with No Name wouldn't be able to operate without the help of a fantastic team of volunteers. The organisation is always on the lookout for people who can cook for the masses, as well as experienced musicians to help out with rehearsals. If you want to be a part of this incredible project, you can find out more here.

Keep up with the latest news from The Choir with No Name on their Facebook and Twitterpages. You can find a full catalogue of brilliant performances and more on their YouTubechannel.

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