Construction projects remain on schedule 

Theater, Library and Gym

Palo Alto High School's construction projects remain on schedule and will proceed throughout the school year, according to program director Tom Hodges. The Performing Arts Center is scheduled to finish by April 2016, followed by the new library in January 2017 and finally the athletics facility Spring of 2017, according to Hodges. The Paly Voice received inside pictures of the construction photographed by Fs3 Hodges during the recent facilities meeting.

 Performing Arts Center 

Photo by Fs3Hodges
"The building will be beautiful for the campus and the community," choir teacher Michael Najar said. 

The Performing Art Center's exterior is scheduled to be completed in a few weeks. Once this is complete, the construction crew will begin to work on the interior, making the construction possible through the upcoming rain. The interior should be completed by April 2016. According to choir teacher Michael Najar, everyone is excited that the construction is progressing on schedule. Additionally, a few members of the art faculty received a sneak peek of the interior, and it exceeded all expectations, according to Najar.

Part of the parking lot is blocked off due to both new and ongoing construction. However, parking near the new Performing Arts Center will create 48 new parking spots for staff members after completion of the building, according to program director Tom Hodges

New Library

Photo by: Emilia Diaz-Magaloni
"We have the plans [for the libary] well finalized, so we are just making little tweaks at this point," librarian Sima Thomas said.

Construction for the library will begin once the Performing Arts Center is completed. The new library facilities will integrate the guidance and the activities center, according to librarian Sima Thomas. The library's temporary location will be the student center, according to Thomas. The library is planned to move locations at the end of this school year to the Student Center. 

The Athletic Facilities 

Photo by: Emilia Diaz-Magaloni

The athletic facilities will be completed spring 2017. This affects many athletes who use the pool and gym for after school practice and home games, according to junior swimmer Andrew Josevof. 

"We [the Paly swim team] have to practice at Rengstorff, and all our home games are at Gunn, so our home games are also their [Gunn's] home games," Josevof said.