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One year since teleSUR English was launched, we look at some of the main issues we've covered, with links to our in-depth pieces, compilations of news, analysis, video, galleries, and more.

Black Lives Matter

Over and over, the police in the United States kill Black people with impunity. Over the last year, resistance to such racism, as well as racism in general in the U.S., has grown around the country. 

teleSUR has provided alternative coverage to the mainstream media, taking the side of the oppressed, rather than the police and the state.

Baltimore Uprising

Charleston Hate Crime Shooting

Black History Month

International Day for the Elimination of Racism

The US Resists Police Racism

Resistance to Police Brutality and Racism in the US


In September, 2014, dozens of students from the Ayotzinapa teacher training college in the Mexican state of Guerrero were attacked by local police. Six people were killed. The police then turned 43 students over to the organized crime group Guerreros Unidos. They have been missing ever since.

Over the past nine months, Mexicans have organized and protested the kidnappings as part of broader protest against systemic state collusion in violence and disappearances.

Justice for Ayotzinapa


After the war on Gaza left over 2,200 dead, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas labeled Israel's treatment of Gaza as a "war of genocide," during his speech at the U.N. General Assembly in September 2014. Reports from teleSUR's Gaza correspondent Noor Harazeen came in during the attacks and continued as Gaza struggled to recover with little assistance. Every day, Noor got the often missed perspective of Palestinians out to the world.

Genocide in Gaza

Cuba-US Relations

Cuba–U.S. relations took a historic turn on Dec. 17, when three Cuban political prisoners — unjustly held by the United States for more than 15 years — were released, and the White House announced numerous policy shifts. President Barack Obama admitted that his country's half-century attempt to defeat Cuba had failed. teleSUR closely followed the renewal of ties between the two countries, reporting on each development as soon as it happened.

Cuba-US relations

political Destabilization in Ecuador and Venezuela

Over the last year, right-wing factions in Ecuador and Venezuela have gone on the offensive against each country's progressive government. Both governments have revealed complicated plans to overthrow them, which involved a mixture of media lies, causing instability and tension within the general population and labeling the democratic governments "dictatorships." teleSUR has followed these offensives by the opposition in detail and in depth.

Right-Wing Attack on Ecuador's Democracy

Venezuela Coup Thwarted

US Threats on Venezuela

Anniversary of Venezuela's 2002 Coup

Economic War on Venezuela

Colombia Peace Talks

The Colombian state has been at war with the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, known as the FARC, for more than 50 years. The FARC, along with other guerrilla groups, came about as a response to violent government repression of popular progressive movements in the 1950s and 60s. The conflict has become an entrenched part of Colombian life, taking at least 220,000 lives and displacing millions. Peace talks began in November 2012 and teleSUR has been on the ground in Colombia, covering each new development as it arises, talking to Colombians to understand different points of view and see how they are affected.

Colombia's March for Peace

The Colombian Peace Process Explained

The Other Side of Africa

The mainstream and private media's news coverage for the continent of Africa gives a distorted and racist image of the diverse peoples and situations there. Through the language used, the prioritizing of Western "experts" over local ones, over-covering stories of war and disease and omitting stories where people on the continent are protagonists and active, and ignoring a historical context of colonization, abuse, and robbery by the West, many people have a condescending view of Africa.

teleSUR English aims to counter the distorted coverage with interviews and critical analysis of — among other topics — film, culture and history.

The Other Side of Africa

The Other Side of Ebola

Gender and Sexuality

From sexual diversity rights and struggles to women's resistance, teleSUR has prioritized making these issues more visible, and voices heard.

Celebrate Sexual Diversity

Gay Marriage - Ireland Decides

International Gay Pride

Women Resist

The Environment

From the California drought to heatwaves in Pakistan and India; endangered animals to climate talks; and fracking to oil spills, teleSUR English has prioritized reporting on, and understanding the serious environmental problems the world is facing.

World Environment Day

Earth Emergency

California's Drought Crisis

The Melting of the Antarctic

Climate Induced Human Change

The Impact of Fracking in the U.S.

Global Struggle 

While the media ignores or downplays fights for social justice and systemic, economic change, teleSUR sees these battles as among the most important to cover. From workers' rights to refugee and migrant rights, organizing for a more just social system around the world deserves to be a priority.

Welcome Refugees

International Workers' Day

Syriza: 100 Days in Power

Fight for 15

US Social Forum

Latin American Alternatives

Progressive countries in Latin America — including Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia and Cuba — have shown that there are alternatives to the anti-people, pro-profit policies of governments and businesses around the world.

Chavez's Legacy

10 Achievements of the ALBA in 10 Years

Latin America's Fight for a Just Climate Solution

Evo Morales Wins Elections amid Social Advances in Bolivia

Ecuador's Citizen Revolution

CELAC Building Regional Unity

Bolivia Decides


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