Our iBSc  Modules

in Anaesthesia  Surgery 
Critical Care & Acute Physiology
Starts January 2019

Our modules are innovative, relevant, exciting, useful, on-line and face to face  

Module 1: 
Essentials of Anaesthesia Surgery & Acute Physiology

In the first 'Essentials of Anaesthesia, Surgery and Acute Physiology' module  we'll take you on a journey to see what a big deal having surgery is. We'll revise the physiology, show you how useful it is and how it can help you help patients! 

Learn from the Experts

Each of the subjects will have their interactive on-line material for you to work through in your own time and seminars with the teachers! Through clinical time in hospital we'll show you how relevant the physiology is, and you'll learn new skills. 


Learn in innovative ways

The second module in 'Advanced Anaesthesia, Critical Care & Acute Physiology' builds on from the first.  

Module 2: 
Advanced Anaesthesia
Critical Care & Acute Physiology

In this second module we'll look at some more of the issues surrounding having surgery: patients in Intensive Care, how we can make it safer, how we can test patients' fitness, the issues around consent before surgery and much, much more...

Learn Practical things

Have a look at our 2 minute video of  us navigating around an example of one of our subjects- this one is on the Cardiovascular System......you can see there's some material before a lecture/tutorial, and some after too. 

Want to know more? Get in touch with Rob Stephens, Anita McCarron or Sam DaSilva through the UCL Centre for Anaesthesia Student Page- scroll down to the iBSc section.