Policy Network have produced a number of publications around the advocacy of a progressive, entrepreurial and inclusive capitalism in 2015.

Supporting Investors and Growth Firms, authored by Policy Network's Thomas Aubrey, Alastair Reed and Renaud Thillaye, focuses on how the EU's Capital Markets Union might lead to tangible gains in investment and jobs growth. It is based on a microanalysis of the challenges faced by growth and innovative firms in six large member states. The report proposes a bottom-up policy agenda to complement the EU's approach, focused on improving the tax, legal and business support environment for investors and firms.

Edited by Mariana Mazzucato and Caetano C R Penna, Mission-Orientated Finance for Innovation charts the experience of different types of mission-oriented public institutions around the world, alongside thought-provoking chapters from leading economists. As the global debate on deficits and debt levels continues to roar, it offers a challenge to the conventional narrative – asking what kinds of visionary fiscal policies we need to help promote 'smart' innovation-led, inclusive, and sustainable growth.

Listen back to the launch event for the book, featuring Mariana Mazzucato:

The Predistribution Agenda benefited from a partnership between Policy Network and Foundation for European Progressive Studies (Feps). The volume edited by Policy Network's Claudia Chwalisz and Patrick Diamond examines the key debates surrounding the emergence and development of predistributive thought with contributions from leading international scholars and policymakers.

A launch event was held this December with speakers Peter Hall, Angela Eagle, Anthony Painter, Philip Collins and more:

Other publications included 'The challenge of accelerating UK housebuilding', 'Progressive Capitalism in Britain' and 'Sharing in the Success of the Digital Economy'


At Labour party conference this year, Policy Network hosted several fringe events focusing on political economy, from job creation through to the effect of the digital transition. 

Speakers have included Chi Onwurah, Alison McGovern and Anthony Painter.

In a keynote speech to Policy Network, Liam Byrne MP made the case for a 21st century 'opportunity state' with a radical new approach to harnessing innovation and entrepreneurialism to increase people's economic, social and political power.

Highlights from our progressive capitalism agenda also include:

Britain's dysfunctional housing market: a European comparison

Thomas Aubrey outlines how Britain's housing market is a marked failure in comparison to its European counterparts. This is down to a lack of strong institutional structure implemented by the UK government, which would allow a positive housebuilding environment.

National social investment strategies in the shadow of the economic crisis

Hugh Frazer and Sebastiano Sabato look at the current strategies for social investment in Europe, and what future prospects may be.

Osborne's fiscal devolution must go much further to transform local growth

Alastair Reed and Thomas Aubrey argue that Osborne's fiscal devolution must go much further if we are to see any significant growth in local areas.

Technology can take the hard rules of meritocracy too far?

Should the left embrace new technologies that are revolutionising the way individual performance can be assessed?

Small is powerful: The search for economy equality in a world without big institutional allies

Adam Lent looks at how the centre left can create a strategy for building a fairer society without the help of its traditional ally in large institutional welfare programmes.

In 2016 we will expand our work on progressive capitalism. Watch this space ...