Highlights of the media coverage of #ProsperityForAll

You might be interested in these articles previewing or reflecting upon the Legatum Institute's Prosperity for All report:

1. "Why it's time for the Right to reform modern capitalism" - in the New Statesman 

2. "Policy-makers need to measure social as well as economic well-being" - in City AM

3. The idea of "free markets" is more popular than the idea of "capitalism" - CapX.

4. Businesses should focus on more than profit maximisation:

"Winning over the public should be a priority of businesses interested in their own long-term health. John Mackey, of the Whole Foods chain, has argued that the anti-capitalist left will triumph if voters think businesses are "basically a bunch of psychopaths running around trying to line their own pockets". He believes that short-term profit maximisation is not a good goal. Instead, he wants business to take a deeper interest in its customers, employees and the wider community in order to reduce the impulse for taxation and greater state regulation."

This article appeared in The Times of London.

5. Editorial in The Times: "Large majorities in all countries think capitalism has impoverished the poor. The risk is that politicians respond with populist protectionism."

6. Phil Aldrick, Economics Editor of The Times: "Business leaders must do their fair share to protect capitalism"

7. Zac Tate for CapX: "The Vision of Capitalism is a refreshing look at how an economic system that is both so productive and yet so distrusted can be reformed to meet the interests of the many."

8. Pete Hoskin for ConservativeHome: For the betterment of capitalism

9. Philip Collins in The Times: "It's ridiculous for the left to see profit as a dirty word. Some companies are rightly reviled, but business is a force for good".

10. Alan Philips for the UAE-based The National: "So long as there is cronyism, capitalism will remain a dirty word, even if for most of the world's population, business is the only path to a more secure future."

11. Paul Goodman for ConservativeHome: Does capitalism require a Christian or Muslim morality as its basis?

12. Tim Montgomerie in the Wall Street Journal: "When capitalism is seen to be both fair and effective, it can be popular again."

13. Fortune.com report a suggestion from Hoover Institution's Tim Kane that confidence in capitalism is related to the stage of the business cycle.

Broadcast media will be added soon.

The launch took place on Wednesday 4th November 2015.

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