Truth or Lies

Will the Lib Dems never Learn

The Liberals in Kingston have written a series of misleading lies and half-truths on their website, something you thought the last General Election would have told them does not work. I don't normally bother with the rantings of political parties, as very few people bother tuning in when we get party political, but sometimes you need to set the record straight.

At the last elections we made 5 promises to residents:

Our first pledge - To introduce 30 minutes free parking - We implemented 30 minutes free parking in December with businesses and local people living in the borough already feeling the benefits.

Our second pledge - To invest an extra £1 million in roads - When we took over from the previous Liberal administration in 2014 we inherited a council that wasted funds. We have changed that. We have invested where the money has been needed and will continue to invest our roads properly.

Our third pledge - More police on patrol - We have delivered a Police Squad of 12 additional officers, backed by the Mayor of London. Police dedicated to other parts of the Borough will, therefore, not have to go into the town centre at night to patrol the clubs and bars, meaning that the borough is safer.

Our fourth pledge - Improving care services - We are reviewing care services. In the past Kingston has not done enough to support children, the elderly and the vulnerable. Ofsted now rates Kingston as "Good", compared to its poor ratings in the past. Our Youth Services need to be improved as well so that limited resources are focused on the most vulnerable.

Our fifth pledge - More schools - The Liberal Democrats did not build enough schools; not a single permanent reception place was made in 2012 or 2013. The borough is now facing a shortage in school places. We are already building two new schools and will shortly be making announcements on another new school because we need to ensure that there are more new schools for local families across the borough.

Council Tax

I am a low tax Conservative and I want to take as little of your money from you as possible. While we have been in administration the Conservatives have been forced to make tough decisions - decisions that were frankly being put off by the people last running the Council. The financial deal we received in the last month from the Government was worse than anyone thought it was going to be because we still need to pay down the massive debt left by the last Labour Government. But equally, our public services need reform as they are still failing too many people. In Kingston we were left with a choice, cut vital services or raise Council Tax. In a choice between potentially harming some of the most vulnerable members of our community, or raising Council Tax, we believe we are making the right one. The Liberals have a choice to either be helpful to the people of Kingston, by coming up with solutions of their own - none of which we would reject out of hand -  or supportive in helping us make Kingston a better place to live. They should not be playing silly politics for their own narrow advantage. I know that many of the Lib Dems abhor this stupid politics and I just wish we could get away from it, but it seems they never learn.

What we promise now

We will continue to make the tough decisions and work to get the best deal for the borough. We will continue to consult and engage with local people and ensure that we are working for them. The Liberals have made vague assertions and tired political clichés about "selling the family silver” in order to make political points. We will sell assets, but not for short term gain, but to give the residents the decent facilities and services that they deserve - something Lib Dems failed to do, year after year. Working for the borough and for residents is not a game. We take seriously our duty to local people.