A clean sweep

What we said and what we did

We made ten pledges for the four years of this Council. We have delivered them all.

New street bins and enforcement to keep litter under control

We all want our neighbourhoods looking the best they can. But often our street bins are overflowing because we have to guess when they are full. That is why we are introducing high tech bins that use sensors to monitor when they are full and alert us they need emptying. These are being rolled out across district centres, helping our environmental teams to focus more on keeping our streets clean and tidy. 

We have also rolled out borough-wide enforcement wardens for litter, dog fouling and a range of other environmental offences to ensure that our towns look the best that they can be.

The introduction of our new doorstep recycling scheme has also see an improvement in street cleanliness as paper is now held in a sealed container and not in a bag. Incidentally, our recycling rate is now the third best in London at over 50%, a big improvement from four years ago. We may have changed the recycling scheme but it is residents who are recycling more. We have recently introduced a sealed bin for plastic, glass and metal which will also prevent light plastics blowing into the street. These bins are voluntary and residents can order one by going through the Council website.

More widely there are schemes for improving the public realm through a “Healthy Streets” programme along the river frontage, near Kingston station and a range of other locations across the Borough.