30 minutes free parking

What we said and what we did

On High Street parades we introduced thirty minutes free parking to support local businesses.

We believe our small businesses and High Streets need supporting. 30 minutes free parking was part of that plan and has been widely welcomed by businesses. 

72 year old Ethyl said: “As a pensioner I find driving to the shops and stopping for free for 30 minutes a really good thing. Well done Kingston Council.”

In addition, we have also fully implemented small business rate relief and attracted new jobs and high-quality offices to the Borough, reversing years of decline. 

We have seen two new hotels open in the Borough including our first upmarket hotel in Kingston Town Centre. 

We will shortly see the building, in Tolworth, of a major UK HQ of an international company. 

Kingston is now the third best place in the UK for business market potential. [Source: Transforming Kingston, 2016/17 ]