An extra £1m for pavements

What we said and what we did

Our pavements were a mess and we, therefore, started the process of tackling the backlog - 5,500 pavement repairs since 2014 and ten major resurfacing works.

Having spent an extra £1.5m on roads we turned our attention to pavements. Many pavements have not been invested in for decades and our maintenance is years behind schedule. In some parts of the Borough, we know older people often find it safer to walk to walk in the road to avoid tripping over. Already since 2014, we’ve carried out over 5500 repairs to our pavements throughout the Borough. An extra £1m will not solve the problem, but it will start to put right the years of underinvestment and we will need to do a lot more. In addition to the existing spend on pavements, an additional ten long streets were fully refurbished and we are hopeful we can see more done in the coming years.