Increase our recycling rates

What we said and what we did

We made ten pledges for the four years of this Council. We have delivered them all.

Residents have played their part and increased recycling - 3rd best in London and 2nd Greenest Borough

Kingston has now been recognised as the second greenest Borough in London and has the third-best recycling rates of all the London Boroughs, all thanks to those residents who recycle their household waste. We introduced a new waste and recycling collection scheme because we needed to find better ways of recycling and increase our recycling rates. The government also taxes us on waste we send to landfill and we end up paying this in increased Council Tax.

Sahan from New Malden said: “Our family never used to recycle rubbish but now it gives the kids a good feeling to know we are all doing something to bring down the amount of rubbish being buried and also helping the planet at the same time”

With your help we have seen the overall recycling rate increase year on year by 5% (Oct 2015 to 2016). In this period we also saw increases of 7% in cardboard and 5% in glass, plastic and metal and a staggering 24% increase in green waste. In the past year alone we have increased our recycling rate to from 47% to 50%. But we won’t stop there and we will continue to look at new ways to encourage more recycling across Kingston.