The Heritage Story

Creating a masterplan for Kingston

I am a passionate advocate of the Kingston story, dedicated to preserving its unique heritage and better using it to make Kingston an attractive place to live, work and visit. For a number of years I have been Chairman of Trustees of the the Church at the historic core of Kingston. The Trust delivered the multi-million pound restoration which was part funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund. It has delivered a heritage venue for all those interested in the Saxon history of the First King of England, crowned in Kingston.

To demonstrate commitment to our past the Council is putting together a Heritage Spacial Strategy so that when we apply for funding we can see how our various projects fit together in a narrative about the growth and development of this wonderful town.

Below is the press release that the Council issued on this subject.

Councillor Kevin Davis, Leader of the Council, said:

"The borough has a fascinating history and rich heritage. However, this fantastic story is not explained or promoted well to residents and visitors. If we really want to invest in the future of our borough and underpin its growth, we have to start by remembering that our past defines our future and we should be better exploiting our richest assets as the borough grows.

“The Heritage Strategy will complement other plans such as Kingston Futures, the Tolworth Regeneration Strategy and other planning briefs. It will be used to support bids to the Heritage Lottery Fund and other grant-awarding bodies for money to improve historically significant buildings but also undertake projects of heritage education.

“Heritage, the arts, culture; these are things that draw people to our borough. Whether it is the medieval farm in Tolworth or the place where the first King of England was crowned, we need to use these stories to define the place and its people.

“In terms of grant applications, the borough has had some notable recent successes, including the extraordinary refurbishment of All Saints Church in the Market Place. The local studies and archives service will also soon be moving onto the Guildhall complex with extended opening hours, including Saturdays. These are welcome developments, but there is much more to do. A new Heritage Strategy will help us achieve our objectives and help us remember our past as we build our future."