To improve care services

What we said and what we did

Kingston's children have moved from being some of the worst protected in the UK to being some of the best cared for

The two fastest-growing parts of our population are children and the elderly.

Prior to 2014 Kingston failed two OFSTED Government inspections and our Children’s social care was deemed inadequate. In two years this was turned around to become one of the best performing authorities in the country and is now deemed to be ‘Good’ by OFSTED

84 year Dorothy said: “I fell over outside the Bentall centre and ended up in hospital but was out again really quickly and looked after in my home thanks to the brilliant staff in the Council and the hospital. I like that the Conservatives have introduced a way that they work together so well.”

Our care for adults has also shown remarkable improvements. Through a combination of investment and also working closely with the hospital we are third best in London [Source: Local Government Association] for quickly discharging older people from the hospital into the community. Kingston has an increasingly elderly population with many of us no longer retiring out of Kingston but staying here. Despite austerity and deep cuts to our budgets, we have, to date, put an extra £4m into adult care and are looking to increase it again by over £4m in this year alone. We will also be building new care homes for those with dementia.