A cat's life

After a year in the spotlight,
 Gladstone sets the record straight

What's it like being the Treasury's Chief Mouser?

I take my role very seriously - I'm a grafter! This last year I've caught 22 mice and I believe in going the extra mile, so I’ve also caught 2 flies – it’s harder than it looks! 

And when I'm not doing my day job I also work hard maintaining my Instagram - it's not easy being a social media influencer these days.

Highlight of the year?

Oh, there have been so many highlights. Mine's a tale of rags to riches - all thanks to Battersea Dogs & Cats Home, of course. I used to have a little but now I have a lot - I’m just Gladstone from the block.

How many bowties do you own?

Bowties are kind of my thing. Apparently they bring out my eyes. I have them in all colours and materials, bejewelled, sparkly, classic, clean lines – you name it, I can dress for all occasions. 

My favourite one is red with white spots. I think it says, 'professional, but knows how to let his hair down.' That’s just the kind of cat I am.

                 Bowties are kind of my thing...

Favourite place?

I'm a firm believer in the Danish philosophy of hygge. I’ve made my boudoir in a cosy hammock in my humans’ office. It’s a tranquil place where I can unwind after a busy day running the department. It’s also strategically close to where my glam team keep the treats.

Favourite human at the Treasury/favourite person that you've met?

The humans in the Treasury look after me really well – I mean, when I’m out and about, I get a lot of attention. But, who can blame them? I’m in pretty good shape. I’m hoping to bump into that elegant French lady, Christine Lagarde when she pops over to assess our economy later this year. But until then I’ll settle for the Chancellor. For a dog person, he’s very amenable.

Favourite gift?

One of the perks about being an influencer, as the likes of Kim Kardashian can attest to, is that sometimes you are sent really nifty gifts. I've been sent a whole host of fun trinkets, like a scratching post, a personalised collar and Christmas baubles. I even received a home-made Halloween costume!

Aspiration for the future?

What - besides strong and sustainable economic growth and sound public finances?

Obviously I'm sticking to my mouse-hunting plan that truly works for everyone. But if that doesn't work out I might get into paw-litics. 

Who's your spirit human?

Mark Carney, meeeooowww!

Favourite song?

Curve ball, I know, but it's got to be 'Who let the dogs out’ by Baha Men. That or anything by Coltrane.

Favourite book?
The Budget documents are interesting reads…really!

Favourite musical?

Cats. Need I say more?

What's your best piece of advice?

When columnists try to pit you against other Whitehall felines, stand tall; you're the top cat. That, and black is always slimming.

When did you realise that you'd made it?

When a home video of me running around the Treasury 'broke’ the internet and appeared on Sky news.

You can find Gladstone on Instagram @Treasury_cat