Trade between the UK and India

Nine things you need to know


The UK and India have a significant trading partnership – UK-India trade went up 15% last year, to £18 billion.


The UK has been the largest G20 investor in India over the last ten years.


In 2016-17, the UK received more investment from Indian companies than the rest of the EU combined.

 There are 26 masala bonds listed on the London Stock Exchange. More than £5.6 billion has been raised in London for Indian infrastructure projects through bond issuances.

The UK was India's fifth largest export market for goods in 2016, ahead of Germany, France, Italy and Japan.


In 2016, over one in ten international visits to India were by UK nationals.

Over 500,000 visas were granted to Indian nationals in the year ending March 2018.

In the last 10 years, UK-India research and innovation collaboration has risen from £1 million to over £275 million, with a joint commitment of £400 million by 2021.


Fintech contributes £6.6 billion annually to the UK economy, employing over 60,000 people in 1,600 companies.   

Mumbai is the fintech capital of India, and the Indian fintech industry is projected to grow at a double-digit pace to touch $2.4 billion by 2020.