Good things are coming.....

                   Group hunting a puff adder - photo taken by Garth Batchelor

The rains are late and yet some of the thunder birds are nesting -  we hope this is a sign the rains are still on the way

              In the meantime we can offer you this:

A delicious Indian Pale Ale by the masters at Darling Brew. Proceeds from every bottle sold will go to the conservation of this species. Help us spread the word to all your favourite places for a beer. 

 save water (and ground-hornbills) and drink this beer.

BirdLasser: Spot. Plot. Play a Part

The app is going to make an enormous difference in how we are able to monitor the national population and gain insights into the rest of the range - BUT we will need your help. A free download from Playstore or iTunes, this app will allow you to record all the details of the ground-hornbills you see - anywhere from Kenya to KwaZulu-Natal and back again. Download, go to settings and accept us as a cause and then go out and find some ground-hornbills - whether you are atlassing or not. For all the details on how this app will make your birding more pleasurable and more productive please visit or email us at


an Indiegogo campaign full of GORGEOUS perks to help us raise funds for the building the new hand-rearing centre. Going live next week!