On #FathersDay: Not every Dad wants a hunting knife

Mothering sunday is a walk in the park compared to the challenge set before you in Father’s Day.
What do you get Dad..?

He’s already had the greatest gift and that’s being lucky enough to have you in his life, but what else would he like to make it that much better? ‘The World’s Greatest Dad’ mug, nah’ that was okay when you were 9 years old. Slippers, nope that's a Christmas gift. Alcohol, a bottle of his favourite vin rouge, oh’ can't do that either, Mum’s always nagging him about his Type 2 diabetes.

So a hunting knife it is then, this is the gift dad will appreciate? Every dad needs a hunting knife, that and the ‘Bushcraft Skills made easy’ pop-up book by Ray Mears. He can keep it handy in the glovebox of the Honda Jazz and next time Mum sends him on an expedition to Morrisons it will be there at the ready, ready to slice open that challenging packet of Werthers Original (sugar free obviously).

Alright so I’m being a bit flippant, but it’s a tricky business finding something suitable for your Dad.

I have the answer..

Give him some gold! 
Gilboy's Gold

Gilboy’s Gold
 Beeswax Furniture Polishing kit

Made by real, working traditional craftsmen, our pure beeswax furniture polishing kit is the perfect (and useful) Father's Day gift for any dad who would like to preserve the family antique and vintage furniture in the best condition possible.

If your dad really cares about his antiques, 
this is the ideal Father's Day gift

We have very carefully put together a selection of furniture polishing kits that contain the same materials used by our own antique restorers and french polishers in our restoration workshop:

A cube or cubes of pure Buckfast Abbey beeswax filler with a hand gilded bee. Our head restorer designed and developed these stunning wax repair filler sticks or blocks. Gently rub over the surface of a scratch, dent or ding to disguise what once was an unsightly mark. What better Father's Day gift? A face-lift for dad's finest furniture!

We deeply appreciate the gift we have been given by the hard-working bees. We hope you will help us give something back to them by planting and growing these complimentary sweet peas.

*The sweet pea is one of the highest nectar producers in the garden.

And most importantly one, two or three pots of our finest gilboy's gold beeswax furniture polish...

Order your dad a beeswax furniture polishing kit - because not every dad wants a hunting knife for #FathersDay !

Order online before 3pm on Friday 17th June to ensure UK delivery in time.

Made with the finest triple filtered beeswax sourced direct from the beekeeper monks at Buckfast Abbey
Blended with pure pine turpentine
and gold class carnauba wax for its hardness and shine
Carnauba wax provides excellent UV protection and shine and is the hardest natural wax
Gilboy's Gold provides a deep shine
and first-class protection
"One of the major benefits of using Gilboys Gold beeswax polish on your furniture is that in many cases it only need be applied once a year and more often every two or three years. It's a genuine time saver!"
~ Buckfast Abbey ~

Gilboy's are currently carrying out restoration and conservation for the abbey. 

All of the their furniture has been wax finished with Gilboy's Gold.

ORDER NOW  - because not every dad wants a hunting knife on #FathersDay !