Goose Creek Afield

a slow-road ramble with Fred First

Join naturalist, photographer and author Fred First at 2:30 p.m. on Sunday, September 13th for a slow, informative nature hike, "Goose Creek Afield," sponsored by SustainFloyd. Immerse yourself in the rich ecology and geology and the fall flora and fauna of southern Appalachia during this ¾ mile trek, winding through the woodlands of Check in the northeastern corner of Floyd County.

Click this link to go straight to the event website.

Hikers will be on the headwaters of the south fork of the Roanoke River, originally named Goose Creek by the early colonists.  More info and sign-up at the link above or email Limited to 15

"Visitors, newcomers and locals who have wondered about what they see in the woods of Floyd County will find this to be an illuminating few hours in which we focus on the finer early-autumn details of fern, flower and forest," says First. “We will turn rocks in the creek, scratch and sniff and raise our awareness of nature. I want more of us to appreciate and nurture our own personal WHERE.”

Fred First has written much about Goose Creek in his books, Slow Road Home and What We Hold in our Hands, as well as on his blog, Fragments from Floyd.

Bring cameras, conversation and curiosity. Long pants and comfortable athletic/hiking shoes are recommended. The walk is on well-worn paths through the forest and along creeks.There will be two short inclines with rope pulls, if needed, and some step-over creek crossings with a few inches of water, though walkers can likely tread on rocks and plank bridges.

Sign up early at or at the Southwest Virginia Outdoor Expo at Heartwood in Abingdon, VA on September 12 (if there are still spots open).