My #dataviz portfolio

Please find below a selection of data visualisations which I have designed from scratch.

(Also, just in case you were wondering, the cover picture above shows a map from the first modern world atlas called Theatre of the World. It was created by Abraham Ortelius).

1. Graph of the week: which UK PENSION FUNDS are most exposed to property MARKET

In June 2016, after it became clear that the UK will be heading towards Brexit, many asset managers started to suspend trading in their UK property funds. The reason was that they were worried the investors would demand their money back as the trust in the strength of the UK property market was falling. 

Among the investors were UK public pension funds, which invest money on behalf of public sector workers.

In the face of the anticipated wave of fund redemptions, which could potentially crash the market, we checked which UK public pension funds were the most exposed to the troubled asset class. We also highlighted which property funds were of systemic importance to future British pensioners.

How to read the graph: Each node of the graph represents either a UK local authority pension scheme (blue nodes) or UK property fund (orange nodes). If you move your mouse cursor over any of the blue nodes, it will highlight the links between the selected LGPS and funds it has invested in. Conversely, if you move it over an orange note, it will highlight all the LGPS that invested in the selected fund. The size of each node, as well as the distance for the centre of the graph, represents the amount of money invested.

Find the full story here.

2. Welfare spending in the richest countries - mapped

The map is fully interactive. Click on a country to learn more about its welfare system.

3. Which countries in Europe are the least trustworthy?

The map above is interactive. Click on a country to its creditworthiness in detail and see the methodology for the ranking. 

4. Mapped: the richest & the poorest municipalities in Poland

The ranking is based on the 2014 tax income forecast per capita for each of the 2479 Polish municipalities (equivalent to the British wards).

5. The biggest company in every polish voivodeship

Measured by market cap of companies listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. Visualised using Inkscape.

Among some of the data visualisation tools I have used are: 

Google Fusion Tables, Google Maps, Datawrapper, CartoDB,, Timeline JS, Piktochart, Inkscape, Tableau. Currently, I am in the process of learning about the Geographic Information System and QGIS software.

I am also familiar with data mining and data scraping tools, such as geofeedia,, wordly, Excel Pivot Tables as well as many public databases and Freedom Of Information websites (for instance asktheeu, duedil).

When it comes to my multimedia skills, I am able to shoot and edit videos using Final Cut Pro, record and edit podcasts using Adobe Audition, as well as create websites from scratch in Wordpress and Weebly.

Lastly, I am proficient in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Social Media Optimisation (SMO).

The interactive maps you've just seen represent a small part of my work.

Scroll down to read about my views on digital storytelling.

My article on digital storytelling, which takes only 4 minutes to read, was published on July 29 on and has drawn a lot of attention.

It was added to the reading list of the University of Canberra's Sport Informatics and Analytics MOOC, which has over 1,000 enrolled participants.

It was also praised by major figures from the online media industry.

And featured in The Center for International Media Assistance Media Mash Up newsletter.

Thank you for your time!

Daniel Rzasa giving a speech titled "Journalism Innovations in Poland and Europe" during the Annual Forum for International Journalism Students in Cologne, Germany. Photo by FEJS Germany (05/2014)