Andrea's practice story

Using whatever is at hand

Here is some text to get into my story.  A walk to Napatree Point at the western tip of Watch Hill in Westerly gives me a chance to take a new profile pix.

Fall colors in the patio border

The sedum turns from pink-purple to brown in November.

Leaves begin to create a layer of natural cover for the winter.

Today's question:  Will embed code for an animated gif work here?  (check first to see if the gif offers such code)

Ah ha, yes you can embed an Adobe spark video, using the embed code it provides and the insert media embed option on SS


"let's see if the reveal worked before moving on to another element.   OK, it did!  What can we do next?  Let's try changing typeface. First, swipe over the type to see the choices."  

swipe over text here

then pick bold. 

 then pick a headline. 

Then pick a quote.

xxx ccccc vvvv
Yes, we can insert a Snap Map into Shorthand social, by going to the place between two paragrpahs, hovering with curor until SMALL WHITE CROSS  in green circle appears.  Click on that.  It gives you an option to insert an image, youtube video Or embed code.
xxxx ccccc bbbb

This is how an embedded tweet looks in Shorthand Social.  Follow the steps above to get to the option to embed code.  Get the embed code from the dropdown bullets on the tweet you want to insert.  Then copy it into the embed code box and hit return.



Let's add a link to related garden content.  Swipe text again.  For more fall gardening tips, visit URI Master Gardeners.   And watch the following video to see how some master gardeners have enriched their own landscapes.

While i'm not really done, i'm going to publish this so i can add the social media links to the story.  

Umm.  links added, but i didn't edit the tweeting option before publishing. now i can't seem to get back to it.

i also want to try inserting a pix with text.

how do i add an image here ??  ok, here are directions, below the image i just inserted

Between paragraphs of text you can also insert media. Hover your cursor between two paragraphs and click on the '+' icon: From here you can insert an image, YouTube video or embed code, as shown below with a tweet... 

above are tests for inserting tweets  



Embedding a Google Map is fine