The KONDHs of Odisha

There are different sects of Kondh but the most striking of them all, are found Odisha. Essentially hunter gatherers and they are totally dependent on forest resources for survival. They are animistic and their pantheon includes eighty three gods.

Ear piercing among women, is their most remarkable feature. A Kondh woman will have atleast 25 to 30 ear-piercings.
The Kondhs are a paradigm of aesthetics, and it is reflected in the their daily lives.
Each member has a unique style and wears self-prepared ornaments like hair clips, ear rings, neck rings, hand rings made of brass, iron and Hyndalium. Body tattooing is also a common feature.
Apart from the daily household chores, each female member actively participates in cultivating, harvesting. Due to this, a bride price to her parents despite them being patrilineal society.