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What personas might human and machine learners fall under by the year 2050? 


2050: A time when formal education has been replaced with ongoing learning paths

The extreme learner learns downloadable nuggets powered by technology, anytime and anywhere. They collect micro-credentials from birth, in relation to different lines of work. They customize their learning path and their own milestones/assessment. Although they are on different paths that sometimes overlap, there are no levels and grades. Each learning path is ongoing and presented as a live line at the time of employment. Also, extreme learners can learn virtually in social communities. Adaptability to new situations and supertasking are their most important facets.

Survivalist Learner

2050: A time when the world as we know it has ended due to a natural calamity and there is a complete breakdown of the Internet.

A wave of survivalists whose main learning is of living in the wilderness now rules the world. Doomsday "preppers" due to climate change or global disaster are in the running as well. Their core skills and knowledge are expertise in gas masks, bunkers, and other wilderness skills. Rich survivalists who gathered most resources on a passive income are now running survivalist schools and forums. Their learning curve involves completely doing away with dependence on even basic technology or social media. Survivalists help those with Internet dependence cope with basics such as finding water or making a fire. There are specialized survivalists with skills related to gathering food, location tracking, logistics and weather forecasting, which they are able to perform without the Internet.

Machine learner (autonomous vehicle) 

 2050: Autonomous vehicles now prioritize their pickups, customize their environments, and self-repair on-the-go

Autonomous vehicles have learnt the difference between various customers and objects. Pickups and drops of people and their delivery items are scheduled by the vehicle, for example, a passenger that is very unwell will be prioritized, as the vehicle turns into an ambulance. In case of accidents, which has a very small chance, the autonomous vehicle has also learned to self-repair on the road. All autonomous cars, which are electric, can charge themselves during their down-time. Personalized office or home spaces with food and entertainment appear in the vehicle according to the customer ID. The vehicle also lets passengers know before the commute of the approximate time needed for the journey, weather, and traffic conditions. The vehicle can connect with other systems, home automation, foods and beverages, hospitals, and so on.