Smart Waste

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Could the future be about paying for the garbage you generate? Can we bring our waste generation down to zero? Here are some recent trends in waste collection and management that indicate the directions of the future of waste.

Pay As You Throw

Pay as you throw (PAYT) is a usage-pricing model for disposing municipal solid waste. Users are charged a rate based on how much waste they present for collection to the municipality or local authority.

Waste Zero | Austria

Route Optimization

Garbage collectors can track their bins real time using an app which connects to networks, saving a significant amount of time and money. Predictive analysis allows you to know exactly where and when you need to go based on where a collection is actually needed. Your garbage pickup points are minimized and then your routes are optimized.

Ecube labs | Korea

Go Recyclers

This is a model where manufacturers, retailers and consumers share the responsibility of creating a sustainable future. Go Recyclers moves waste from a linear system to a circular one where the waste is recycled instead of incinerating or landfilling. In future, you will be able to contribute by collecting waste in your home, school or office and then book for shipping your waste to be recycled.

REDcycle and TerraCycle | USA

Dewatering Garbage

"Dewatering" is a process that removes water from food and then deploys bacteria to eat the scraps. When used to dispose commercial food, the weight and volume of garbage is significantly reduced. Pilot programs are currently underway.

Project Dewatering | UK

Author: Ekta Paraswani

Artwork: Omkar Lotlikar