The first Global Migration Film Festival (GMFF) took place in December 2016 throughout 89 countries. International Organization for Migration (IOM) missions and partners around the world promoted screenings followed by debates of films that capture the beauty and challenges of migration. 

In a world constantly on the move, impactful and interactive communication events such as the GMFF can foster empathy and consequently be a great tool to fight toxic narratives against migrants worldwide.

The Global Migration Film Festival is a partner of the "I am a migrant" campaign and the UN's TOGETHER - both global campaigns that aim to change negative perceptions and attitudes towards refugees and migrants. Both campaigns also strive to strengthen the social contract between host countries and communities, and refugees and migrants.

The festival is a great opportunity to discuss migration related issues and gather opinions from a wide variety of stakeholders.” - IOM Tanzania


/ Over 10,000 people around the globe attended the screenings in 89 countries. They included migrants, government officials, students, local community representatives, donor representatives amongst many others.

/ There were over 220 screenings worldwide.

/ Partnerships at global level with United Nations Information Centres (UNICs), Together Campaign and the Plural + Youth Video Festival. 

/ At local level with UNDP, Red Cross, UNHCR, Institut Français, Embassies, Governments, Libraries,Universities and NGO’s.

/ 13 feature length films on the Official Global List, several films chosen and negotiated locally plus 195 short films from Plural +.

After the film screening we received a lot of positive feedback on our organization, as well as requests to organize more similar events that raise awareness. The strength of our event was due to the diversity of the attendees which allowed all to discuss and exchange ideas with other people with different mindsets.” - IOM Portugal

The Invisible City - Kakuma

La Visa Loca


Guido Models


Wallah - Je te jure

Tan frágil como un segundo

After Spring



Thirty Million

Chicas Nuevas 24 horas

La Salada