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The First Global Migration Film Festival will opened on 5 December and culminated on 18 December 2016, International Migrants Day. 

The festival is an opportunity for the world to celebrate the diversity and unique contributions of migrants to the communities and countries where they live. It is also a tribute to the many films that capture the beauty and challenges of migration and bring these realities to audiences around the world. The Film Festival is part of the UN's "Together" global campaign to promote diversity and inclusion.

Cinema and Migration. It's a bond that began over 120 years ago, when "movies" first appeared in the world's cities—and not simply because many of the filmmakers who first entertained us with images flickering on screens worldwide were immigrants themselves.

Much more than that, their films often told the stories of migrants. Starting in 1917, when Charlie Chaplin's "The Immigrant" introduced audiences to Little Tramp, right through a generation of silent stars—filmmakers reached immigrants who were at an audience, as well as a chief source of subject matter. Cinema helped explain this new world to diverse audiences. And throughout the decades, Cinema continued to reveal Modern Times to many others left behind—which only served to draw more migrants to come see what all the excitement was about. Movies are the mirror, yes, but also a magnet.


Each generation yielded an instant classic. From Ousman's Sembene's Black Girl, to Gregory Nava’s El Norte and Mark Meily’s La Visa Loca movies brought the drama, tragedy and comedy of human mobility, illustrating the infinite narration of a world on the move—through a language of images and emotions that translated to every culture, and made every culture one.

It’s in that spirit that IOM, the UN Migration Agency, is launching the Global Migration Film Festival.

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Online Migration Film Festival on Vimeo

Given the difficult security context of many missions where organizing public screenings is not feasible IOM putting up an online version of the Global Migration Film Festival with short films about migration.

Coming on December 2016.