5 of the Biggest Mistakes in the 1997 Movie

This is just some of the mistakes in the blockbuster movie.


                                      Mistake 1

In the scene, when Rose is trying to cut the handcuffs off Jack's wrist, she is seen hitting his arm with the axe instead of the handcuffs.

                                       Mistake 2

In the scene, when the ship is sinking you can see when the ship is all lit up, you can clearly see objects that are fixed to the deck however when the lights have gone out you can then see the exact same objects have vanished.

                                       Mistake 3

In the scene, when all the extras who were playing the passengers are on the deck are sliding down the ship as it is sinking you can see the wires that are pulling people into the gaps where the ship is broke in half.

                                     Mistake 4

In the scene, when it's Rose’s dream sequence and the steward opens the door to let her through to the grand staircase you can see the camera reflected in the glass door.

                                      Mistake 5

In the scene, when Jack and Rose are down in third class, Jack is asking Rose to dance with him, you can clearly tell that Jack's hair is messed up in one scene but when the camera is zoomed in however in the next scene when the camera has zoomed back out you can see his hair has been slicked back.

These are only a couple of the mistake on if you want to see any more of the mistakes or articles to do with them then below you will find links to other mistakes within the blockbuster hit!


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