M-A's class of 2018 imparts wisdom to freshman class

By Sarah Marks

Seniors have had three years to soak up advice, get involved, and own M-A. Now the class of 2018 is ready to advise the underclassmen on how to tackle high school. These 25 seniors reflected on their successes and regrets to help other students combat the ups and downs of high school.

Jamie Holmes. Credit: Emma Dewey / M-A Chronicle.

What do you wish you knew as a freshman?

"I wish I knew how to manage my time, and effectively plan extracurricular activities with my friends outside of school." -Alex Takayama

“Literally anything about college applications.” -Jamie Holmes

"Freshman year really counts, because it can affect your progress in sophomore and junior year." -Jasmine Estrada.

“Develop good study habits freshman year even if you don't feel you need to, it will be incredibly helpful as you start taking harder classes.” -Kelley McCutcheon

“How our school system works, who is in charge of what, take the time to formulate our classes, and what we need to get ready for college applications.” -Hervin Hernandez

“Procrastination really affects you at the end of the year.” -Erika Morales

“I wish I knew that every freshman stresses out about making friends, so just put yourself out there.” -Vanessa Wheeler

“You're not cool if you skip class.” -Breona Hicks

Aidan McKay. Credit: Emma Dewey / M-A Chronicle.

If you could tell your freshman self anything, what would it be?

"I would tell myself to stay involved in cross country because not only did I enjoy it, it helped me form a group of friends that I wish I could've stayed involved with." -Caleb Hanson

“I would tell my younger self to take The Academy instead of AVID [Advancement Via Individual Determination].” -Gissella Hernandez

“Take care of credits and [Physical Education] early.” -Anders Krong

“Sleep > Homework.” -Aidan McKay

"I would tell my freshman self to just not worry about anyone else and focus on yourself. Friends and classes change but ultimately, you will be the only one there for you." -Laura Parisi

"Enjoy high school, but also make sure to get everything done on time." -Breanna Sandoval

“Do your homework, stay on task, and ask for help if you need it.” -Giovanni Hernandez

“Go to class, be really spirited at rallies, and participate in a lot of events!” -Hannah Roitman

Damara Ortega. Credit: Emma Dewey / M-A Chronicle.

What is the most important thing you have learned during high school?

"Work hard, but more importantly, work smart." -Makisi Tonga

“I learned that if you don't work hard you don't get anywhere.” -Damara Ortega

"Ask for help, ask questions." -Selena Zaldivar

“How to handle stress and manage my time.” -Sydney Durden

"Sometimes you just need to ask. So many opportunities are available at M-A, but many of us don't or can't see them. If you ask if there are any opportunities or if you can participate in them, the answer is yes nine times out of ten." -Cricket Gorey

“Don't waste your time on things that you think should be important to you, but actually aren't.” -Maggie Collins

“The most important thing I learned during high school is that academic and social life can be balanced.” -Reid Diamond

“High school changes things, sometimes in a good way or sometimes in a bad way.” -Jasmine Estrada.

“Don't give up… and do your homework!” -Danae Brister