Surprise Spring Rally Celebrates Successful School Year  

Mara Cavallaro 

Despite two postponements due to a wrestling tournament and CAASP testing, M-A students finally held the spring rally on May 26. Initially scheduled for February and then April, the celebration of the late May rally was a testament to the perseverance of a handful of seniors.  For these and other members of the class of 2017, there would be one last opportunity to gather in Ayers gym and show their school pride.   

The rally began with a beautiful rendition of the national anthem.  The cheer team led an impressive performance, followed by the traditional obstacle course grade competition -- which this year involved floaties, pool noodles, jumping, and crawling. 

The dance team, as always, captivated the audience with a routine replete with spins and jumps in an engaging choreography. Finally, a few words from a proud Amoroso reflected on the year. 

Senior Baylee Schroeder blows bubbles and gazes at her classmates at her last rally. 
Cheer team strikes a pose.
Flyers grin and wave to an excited audience.  
Senior River Weston demonstrates how to do the relay obstacle course. 

Although shorter than past rallies, seniors had the opportunity to be together and show their school pride one last time before graduation. Senior Baylee Schroeder summed up the event: "it was pretty cool for my last rally. I'm glad it happened -- it was a good way to end the school year. Rallies get the school pumped up about attending such an amazing school."

No doubt about it, the rally celebrated some of the school's most treasured accomplishments. After the dance team performance, Amoroso exclaimed, "Who has the biggest canned food drive in the nation? You do!" 

"How many PAL championships have we won?" He paused, and students looked around at each other, trying to figure it out. 

"Who knows?" was the answer. "We've lost count!"

The last-minute nature of the rally made it difficult to execute perfectly. Explained senior Natasha Auer, "I appreciate the work leadership and Amoroso put into the rally, I just wish there were more emphasis on the seniors." 

While an important moment for graduating seniors, the rally was not the high point for senior nostalgia.  As Annabel Yau, Class of '17 noted, "I don't think that feeling will truly hit until the day that we're sitting all together...turning our tassels to the other side."