How to add depth to images in Shorthand with the Reveal effect

What is the 'Reveal effect'?

In Shorthand Social (and Shorthand Pro), you can create what we call a 'reveal effect' between two or more images, thanks to the parallax scrolling technology.

It's really simple to execute in the application, and a great way to build up layers on an image, show progression of an event over time, compare 'then and now' photography, and much more. Importantly, when used as part of the storytelling, it's hugely engaging.

First, here's an example of what we mean by the 'reveal effect'.

B&W image #1

Colour image #2

Here's another example, this time using the text field to add meaning...

Wiping the slate clean...

One more, with no text this time...

So how is it done?

It's simple. Just add two (or more) Text Over Media sections to your Shorthand story, and upload one image to each (in the correct order of course). You can choose whether or not to have text over the top.

And that's it! See the video below for the steps from start to finish, using one of the examples from above:


Have fun creating your own – and remember, they're most powerful when they're adding to the storytelling in some way.

There are some great examples of powerful reveals in the Shorthand Pro stories listed below:

By BBC News in Arms wide open

By Global Witness in Two Worlds Collide

By MSF in Ces visages derriere les masques

By the Barbican in Ibsen: the unlikely radical

By the Guardian in Who Cares?

Any feedback or questions, as always, please do get in touch.