A monochromatic foto journey (Part 1)

In 2015 I was one of ten international journalists who took part in the annual World Press Institute fellowship. We travelled the States from the Midwest to D.C., from East Coast to West Coast and back to the Twin Cities, MN. Here is a little selection of what I snapped with my smartphone camera in these unforgettable 10 weeks. All in black and white.

A Country and its Contrasts

The United States in 2015. Barack Obama is coming closer to the end of his presedency.
The GOP and the Democrats are slowly figuring out who will be their candidate. Donald Trump is entering the stage among many others.
At this time a lot of americans are sure that he will soon drop out of the race for the Oval Office. The picture was taken in the Lyndon B. Johnson Lybrary in Austin, Texas. The building hosts a replica of LBJs office. 
Lunch time loneliness. The Tenderloin, San Francisco.
Donwtown Chicago.

Chicago Englewood.

Chicago, Englewood

The Bean, Downtown Chicago.
Checking out Chicago.
@TanmoyCartoons sketching.
A wedding couple in Saint Paul, MN.
Cool runnings in Minnesota.
At the State Fair.
Halloween at Twin Cities Live.
Bills Attic. Ely, MN.

New York.

New York Fashion Week. #NYFW
United Nations.