In 2010 a group of young Germans and Americans are on a road trip trough a legendary German region named East Frisia.
They had applied for a program sponsored by the Lostfriesland Society to find out more about their Frisian ancestors. But at one point they dig a little to deep into the Frisian legends. All vanish without a trace. Until February 2016 when a german blogger finds a mysterious video on Facebook.  


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What happened to Jade AND THE LOST FRISIANS?

Jade Meyer (@JadeMeyerNY), is a german american who just graduated from Journalism school and who has been living in Hamburg until February 2017. She has been focusing on German-American stories and has stumbled upon Kenos Videos on Facebook earlier in 2017. This is how she found out about the mysterious Lostfriesland case. She has started a web documentary with three video reports that you can find at Before she became obsessed with the Lostfriesland case she was using her tumblr blog to create multimedia documentaries and interactive maps to tell digital stories about ancestry, genealogy and migration.

Jade is a digital native. She used several social media networks. She started a Youtube Channel and published her own  video series called #nowyournews for young Germans and Americans. 

She used some other social networks for private purpose (Instagram), some for journalism purposes (Twitter, Snapchat and Facebook).  

FeBRuARY 2017. 

In early 2017 she stumbles upon the spectacular case of the #LOSTFRISIANS. A Facebook video shows one of the missing persons: Lana Jensen, a young student from Minneapolis, MN. The video was originally posted on the Youtube Channel of the Frisian Mystery blogger Keno Brook.

Jade Meyer decides to go to East Frisia to find out more. Have a look at her very first impressions of the region

Jade immediately falls in love with the nature and the villages. She also has family ties to the region as her mother grew up in East Frisia as a child. 

Jade connects with Keno.

Jade tries to make contact with a local mystery blogger, Keno Brook. But he prefers to remain in the shadows. His creepy YouTube Channel is a conglomerate of unexplainable events caught on video. On his Facebook Page he publishes dark legends from East Frisia. He also shared the bizarre video of Lana Jensen and seems to know more about the disappearance of the six. In February 2017 he posts a series of videos on Facebook and Youtube where he discovers bizarre messages from the accounts of the missing persons. With the help of our FB fans he can decipher the hints and finds an old phone at an old cult place in the heart of East Frisia. 

Jade is sure that Keno knows more than he admits. What are the dark secrets that he conceals? Keno warns Jade to stay in Hamburg and tells her to stop her investigations. But Jades continues her work and has to face the consequences.


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