South African food


The "rainbow nation "South Africa has ahistory, but its cultural heritage and traditions embrace the countries identity. September is observed as Heritage month, a celebration not only of the past, but of the contributions of the South African people in making the country what it is today.

No matter where you from, food has an intrinsic way of taking your hand and guiding you on a stroll down memory lane.

South Africa is the land of diversity; its people, landscapes, cultures and languages offer a melting pot of intrigue and excitement.

The country has the fascinating variety of different culinary. The delicious diverse flavors of South Africa's indigenous and multi-cultural food bring a mouth-full taste.

South Africa's climate produces a variety of fruits and vegetables.

South Africa food history shows, however, that different languages - and cultures - exist in the country.

South African traditional  food
South African cuisine is the widest spread of traditional fare and comprises a host of different subcultures under the "African" umbrella. South Africans are known for their hospitality and love to cook. It was the search for food that shaped modern South Africa.

Listen below for an interview on traditional food from a proud BaSotho, Neo Motloung.