The Pan-African Awards are aimed at fostering social cohesion. 

The 2015 Pan-African Awards for Ambassadors of Positive Values are taking place on 24 September, which is also celebrated as Heritage Day in South Africa. 

The awards are hosted by the African Diaspora Forum (ADF), which is a federation of African migrants associations in South Africa. 

ADF mission: 

* To build an integrated society, free of xenophobia; 

* To facilitate relationships between all Africans living in South Africa: living together! 

* To consolidate a shared feeling of belonging in Africa 

ADF strategies: 

* To work locally, with communities. 

* To promote dialogue and peace. 

* To enhance culture as a starting point for exchange. 

* To encourage joint initiatives.


Categories in this year's ADF Pan-African Awards include: 

Best Pan-African National Official and Best Pan-African Provincial Official

Pan-African Personality of the Year Pan-African Traditional Leader of South Africa

Best Pan-African of the Year and 

Best Pan-African South African Artist of the Year and Best Migrant Support Organisation of the Year


"Diaspora" has several definitions, this is the definition extracted from the Merriam-Websters on line dictionary: 

(a): the movement, migration, or scattering of a people away from an established or ancestral homeland 

(b): people settled far from their ancestral homelands 

(c): the place where these people live Derivation:- Greek - Greek, dispersion, from diaspeirein to scatter, from dia- + speirein to sow 

Diaspora in the ADF is understood as a group of persons living outside of their country of origin, but keeping and building strong links with each other. The term was chosen because it conveys both the idea of mobility and of networking.

Performers from the DRC, Zimbabwe, and Nigeria will be performing at the event. 

Speakers will include the Chairperson of the ADF, Mr Marc Gbaffou, as well as Ambassadors and Commissioners from various African countries.