How well are we doing?

Satisfaction survey 2016

We believe that by listening to people's experiences of receiving support we can learn more about how well our services are working. Using this feedback we can then make our services better.

Every year we ask the people we support as well as their family and carers to tell us what they think of the services and support provided by The Richmond Fellowship Scotland.

Over 1,250 people shared their thoughts with us and here is a summary of what they said....

95% of people said that we give them the right support

Over 90% of the people we support said:

- We listen and respect them

- We make them feel safe and secure

- We give them choices in their support

"Staff are always there to support me in my life choices."

80% or more of the people we support said:

- We help them achieve the things they want in life

- We help them take part in fun activities

- We support them to be part of the local community

"I like going with my support worker to lots of activities I really enjoy such as college, pottery and more."

We will improve on:

Providing opportunities for even more activities

Reducing change amongst staff teams

97% of family and carers said our support makes a positive difference

Over 90% of family and carers said:

- They feel listened to and respected and have the opportunity to discuss any concerns

- They are satisfied with the support we provide their family member

- That our staff are well matched to their family member and they are happy with the consistency of support provided by us

- That The Richmond Fellowship Scotland helps their family member to achieve their outcomes, take part in fun activities and be part of their community.

"My son has developed well with continued care from all the staff at The Richmond Fellowship Scotland."

Over 85% of family and carers felt:

They receive enough information about the support The Richmond Fellowship Scotland provides

- Are informed of any relevant changes to the support their family members receive.

"As a family we are delighted with my son's progress – we have seen him become more confident and comfortable in social situations – he will initiate conversation and likes to share jokes and have fun."

We will improve on:

Providing opportunities for more activities

Reducing changes within staff teams

Better communications with family and carers

"The Richmond Fellowship Scotland staff are always there to support me in my life choices"

What have we learned?

· Overwhelmingly the people we support think that The Richmond Fellowship Scotland is the right choice for support and is making a positive difference in their lives. Family and carers are very satisfied with the support being provided.

· Whether it's someone being supported or their family member, they feel that our staff listen and respect them.

· Relationships between the people we support and our staff work really well with the skills of our staff skills being highlighted as a strength.

· Family and carers feel we do a good job in matching our staff to the person we are supporting.

· Our support makes people feel safe and secure.

· Satisfaction levels amongst the family members and carers are getting better every year.

"I feel comfortable and safe with staff from The Richmond Fellowship Scotland."

What will we do now?

· We want to create more opportunities for people to engage in more activities; especially the ones they find fun.

· We want to make positive changes in how we communicate with family and carers to make sure they have all the information they need.

· We want to minimise changes in staff to ensure we provide the person we support with a more consistent experience.

· We to continue to improve response rates from carers and family members,. To do this, we will work with services to find 'active' carers to make sure we are always targeting the most appropriate people.

· We will continue to improve the accessibility of the surveys to ensure we can reach as many people as possible.

· We will all work to make sure that your service continues to be the best it can be.

· We listen! So your service will use what you said to make things even better.

 "The support we receive has enhanced our quality of life immeasurably and my family are grateful for this excellent service."

Further information:

Over 1,000 individuals and 250 family and carers completed our survey this year.

If you would like to take part in our 2017 survey then please click here.

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