Plant & Grow Rich: 
Chapter 1

Ditch Banks, Big Ag and Big Brother

A special report from New Ordnance and the Rocky Mountain Corn Family

Grow Great Again

Feed Tribe & Community with Free-Scale Farming

To all current & aspiring 
freedom-loving farmers & ranchers:

Discover how to get those expensive monkeys off your back: banks, chemicals, insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, GMO seed, irrigation equipment and government programs.

Discover 5 universal principles that turn dirt into dollars

From the home garden plot to the 5000 acre ranch these tried and true principles empower you to freely scale up or down with your unique situation as it changes with time and circumstance. 

Look down there between your two feet at the pay-dirt you are standing on – the source of your wealth and sustenance if you will stop fighting mother nature and enlist her help. 

Chances are that soil has suffered long abuse. 

But it can be regenerated faster than you may think - into a rich self-renewing resource of perpetual wealth. Read on to learn how to harvest the infinite energy of the sun.

Energy from the sun is not a zero-sum game.

 It's not like the stock market or commodity futures where winners are offset by losers.

Return to Shangri La                                                                                      "Sun Valley," Photo © copyright by Marc Adamus.

Yes, the sun, the source of life on our planet will eventually burn out in continuance of its cosmological cycles. But these cycles are so long in duration in time as we measure it in human life spans that for us, here and now, the sun's energy is infinite for all our practical purposes. 

This means that if we can successfully apply five universal principles to our fields and farms that we can win and keep winning way beyond the ability of banks and the parasites of society to live off our wealth and productivity and control our lives. 

It is not so much that we are going to harness the primordial forces of nature. Rather, we are going to align ourselves with those carbon cycles of life as we learn how to farm the sun.

Gabe Brown

I discovered the five principles from Gabe Brown, a North Dakota rancher with a 5000 acre operation. His story is fascinating. Gabe started out pretty much as a conventional rancher with poor soil and in debt up to his eyeballs. He was almost wiped out several times due to freak weather but he held on while searching for a better way. 

Twenty-five years later he is debt free, chemical-free and GMO-free. Gabe and friends financed their own processing facility. His family markets beef, pork, lamb, chicken, honey, grain and vegetables raised by organic methods directly to the end user. He and his son have developed an extensive consulting practice as an additional income stream. They also offer a schedule of free tours of their operation and engage in various charitable activities in their local community.

Gabe has refined mob-grazing of live-stock, no-till practices and cover crops down to an art and science. His amazingly fertile self-renewing operation yields a diversified array of products requiring very few inputs other than seed, sunlight and water. His soil retains so much water that it is like a gigantic underground reservoir. 

Oh by the way, his operation is all dry-land – no irrigation with only 15 inches of annual precipitation. His yields are 25% above the county average and he is the most profitable producer in his county.

We've always had to irrigate our corn fields in the high Rocky Mountain west. Learn more.

The Secrets of Mycorrhizal Fungi and Glomalin Revealed 

Along With Other Mysteries... 

Why good soil should look like black cottage cheese when you scrape away the "Armored Cover"

Think this soil looks good? In retrospect we made mistakes and could have done better. You can do better. Create & maintain your own rich, black topsoil using these 5 keys...
Gabe Brown's 5 Keys to Building Healthy Soil 

1) Least Amount of Mechanical Disturbance Possible. 

Stop plowing. 

No-till or minimal tillage is essential.

Soon you can sell the machinery but hang onto the seed drill. Gabe says that no-till works anywhere in the world. 

In undisturbed soil, Mycorrhizal Fungi form a symbiotic relationship with plant roots, extending the root network so the plant is able to receive and store nutrients and water from a large area. The fungi prevents pathogens and nematodes from entering the plant cell wall and also initiates soil formation. The fungi secretes a sticky glue called Glomalin which aggregates soil. Tilling destroys the network. 

After 21 tears of no-till, Gabe's soil looks like black cottage cheese and is full of earthworms.

Good soil is full of carbon, full of pore spaces. 

Warning: You must build up your soil first before completely weaning off fertilizers.

Plant & Grow Rich: Chapter 2

How to feed your tribe & community with free-scale farming - free at last from banks, chemicals, insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, GMO seed, irrigation equipment and government programs.