Our Outback,
Our Story

Welcome to WA's backyard

We love our Outback

WA's heart is an extraordinary place, which has shaped the foundations of our great State and who we are today. 

More than any other state, we owe much of what we have today to our Outback. 

This special place helps define who we are, and has shaped our history, our culture, and economy.

No place like it...

The Outback is one of the last great wild places on Earth, along with the wild lands of the Amazon basin and the boreal forests and tundra of far northern North America. 

Great Western Woodlands
near Kalgoorlie

The Kimberley

The Pilbara

It's our responsibility

Leading experts are warning the Outback is at a tipping point. 

Uncontrolled, catastrophic wildfires are causing irreparable damage. Feral cats and other introduced animals are decimating our unique wildlife. 

Decades of government neglect and over-grazing mean our fragile soils are blowing away. 

Many of the things that make our State special are at risk of being lost forever.

People and nature need each other

But at a time when people are needed more than ever to meet the challenges facing this special place, they are leaving.

On WA's Outback Stations, by law you’re forced to run cattle or sheep for a living. If you own a Station, you have no choice. 

This outdated, unfair pastoral lease system is degrading WA’s unique natural heritage and holding back sustainable industries such as tourism and conservation. 

People are leaving the land in frustration despite experts telling us that the Outback needs people to manage threats such as feral animals, wildfires and noxious weeds.

It's time to change unfair laws

We must modernise WA's outback laws and actively support people to move into new enterprises which will allow the heart of our great state to regenerate and thrive.

An historic opportunity...

After decades of inaction, the WA government has now begun the process of reforming the pastoral lease system. This is a historic opportunity to create a brighter future for our Outback. 

We must put pressure on government to modernise WA's laws and actively support people in transitioning to modern and sustainable enterprises that will allow our great State to regenerate and thrive. 

Successful programs already exist across Australia that show this can be done such as Indigenous Ranger programs, eco-tourism and carbon farming.

It's Our Outback

The Outback belongs to every Western Australian. 

By working together, we can ensure our State has a healthy, modern Outback – a place that remains as diverse and beautiful as our photographers have captured here. 

With your help we can write the next chapter of WA's Outback story. 

How you can help:

1. Please sign this petition from pastoralist Michael Clinch in support of the Outback.

2. If you have already signed Michael's petition, please share this slideshow using the Facebook button below so we can spread the word.