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There's nothing dry about water. 

Here at Ofwat we're the economic regulator in England and Wales for a vitally important sector that delivers water, sanitation and drainage services to more than 55 million people.

Since 1989, our regulation has helped the sector deliver success.

370 million litres of water saved each day by tackling leakage and promoting efficiency.
Bills reducing 5% a year before inflation for 2015-20.
£800 million clawed back for customers where companies haven't delivered.

But, the challenges of the future are different from the challenges of the past - consumer expectations are rising, and the climate is changing.

And, we've been getting diminishing returns from using a traditional model of regulation.

So, we're evolving the way we regulate to be clear about the results we want to see but giving more freedom about how companies get there.

Where this happens, we can step back and allow the sector greater freedom to innovate and earn rewards where they deliver what customers want.

Where the sector or others does not step up, we will step in to protect customers.

Our view is that companies can provide even better services if their plans are driven by customers, not just the demands of the regulator.

Our strategy, 'Trust in water', is based on a shared vision for the water sector in England and Wales. We want customers and wider society have trust and confidence in the vital public water and wastewater services the water sector provides.

This is challenging, intellectually stimulating and pioneering work, to get the best deal for customers.

And so, we want to be a leading-edge regulator challenging ourselves and others to deliver trusted and respected, challenging ourselves and others to build trust and confidence in water.

To do this, we're transforming ourselves into a modern regulator, with modern ways of working.

We're on a journey.

We've come a long way, but there's always further to go.

Instead of working in fixed teams, we work in an agile way across our programmes and projects.

This means we get to work with different people at different times on different projects.

And it means we can deliver against our ambitious strategy, working at a fast pace.

To support our agile working we've got state-of-the-art offices and technology.

Both our Birmingham and London offices have hot desking, with spaces for conversations, meetings and discussions.

This gives us the space we need to collaborate effectively, to work in the ways we need to and support our well-being. 

We're also flexible about how, when and where we work.

Learn. Develop. Grow.
We're really serious about it.

We expect our work and the way we work to continue to change and evolve.

And that we'll all learn, develop and grow as a continuous everyday activity. 

We're supported in this by our resource pools, which give us communities of people with similar skills.

Our success so far has been delivered by our people

That's whether they're developing the way we regulate as economists, accountants, policy specialists, casework specialists. 

Or whether they have an important role in enabling our regulation; in finance, human resources, legal support, communications and many other roles.

We're look for new people to be part of our team. Want to join us?

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