Visit to HoviKoti, Finland

I invited myself to Finland in the Autumn of 2017 and was warmly welcomed by my Finnish counterparts in Elder and Disability care. Many thanks to Mr Jussi and Ms Mari Peltonen together with Mrs Riitta Peltonen for hosting and showing us her disability care facilities. 

Hovikoti group is a family run chain of care homes for seniors and people with intellectual and physical disabilities. Essentially, they are homes, places where the seniors and PwDs/PwIDs call home, customized to their preference and liking. And of course, with professional trained care staff to support their daily living 24/7. 

Each homes are typically small, housing around 15 to 20 clients, with each client their own rooms with attached bathroom. A huge shared sauna is in place as well, typical of any Finnish homes. Each facility is then subdivide into 3 living spaces, catering to clients with different needs and profiles.


All the doors leading to the outside are accessible only using IR keys.

Some of the rooms have their personal exit / balcony to the outside as well! Very different from Singapore system! It feels more like a holiday resort than a care facility.

There is a resident kitten recently and it has been making the residents here excited! 


The great outdoors, where the fun lies!

There are lots of activities offered, both indoors and outdoors. In Singapore, it is mainly an indoor affair but here are some outdoor activities literally in their backyard!

Home Sweet Home

Home should just be what it is, a home. Those who has seen Lien foundation report will understand -

Enough said about the state of affairs in our country regarding the homes. Let's take a look at the happier homes in Finland!


Here are some incredible activities offered! In pictures:


Here are some of the operational aspects of running such wonderful care facilities!

Here are some illuminating pictures taken around some of the facilities! A picture will tell a thousand words!