Visit to Lacura Group III

Dementia Care Facility & Assisted Living

Aging populations has brought a higher incidence of older persons with dementia and opportunities in dementia care related service provisions.

This particular dementia care facility is not big, only houses 18 patients, 9 on each room with their individual rooms connected to central living space, dining area and a open kitchen for meals.

Assisted Living Facility

This is a 30 bedded group home for assisted living. 

Nursing Care Facility

This is one of the largest in the group, with an occupancy of 108 resident, 100 single rooms and 4 double rooms occupying 4 levels with a ground level also used for activities and dining. There is also an open living space for activities in each floor with different teams of care staff in each level giving every level an unique favour and activities. Residents are all from surrounding areas and some are friends and neighbours for decades!