Visit to Lacura Group II, Hokkaido, Japan 

The Story Continues

The central kitchen will provide all the meals daily. There meal are specially catered to individual needs according to the consistency and the fluidity after swallowing assessments. The calories are usually about 1600 kcal per day and special diets like low purine, diabetic and low salt diet for some are individised. There is a dedicated planner of the menu. 

There are labels on the tables to indicate the designated seat for each resident!


Art works, karaoke and planting are some of the activities offered.

Not forgetting a Japanese favoured! An onsen in the facility! Wow!

Day Care Center

What is an Eldercare group without a Day Care? Here's one! Day care are charged per usage and it is really quite affordable. Activities are specially planned and there is a care worker in charge (the man on extreme left of the picture). He is very bubbly and cheerful!