Stands of the Day

Friday #Steddfod2015

1. NFU stands for National Farmers Union, its NFU Mutual insurance business is giving back to their customers with free coffee and cakes on their stand all week. They welcome new friends with a warm and relaxing approach.

Medwyn Jones, administrator                  
"Most people who come here are our insurance customers. This week is basically about PR work. We just want people to relax and enjoy."

Toilet twinning?!

With £60 you can choose any country to build a toilet..

2. Eisteddfod visitors, you must be very familiar with this logo now, as it appears on the door of every loo here. Toilet Twinning is a charity which fundraises to twin toilets in underdeveloped countries. As it says on their website, "like all the greatest ideas, Toilet Twinning was born in the bathroom."

Jasmine Jones talks to a visitor

As a non-profitable organization,Toilet Twinning only has part-time staff and Jasmine Jones is one of them. "It's been a good week. We've got 25 twinners or donors so far."

A 45-year-old bookshop...

3. Awen Meirion is a bookshop with various items for sale on the Maes including CDs, books and crafts, which are ideal to keep you entertained on or off the Maes.

"Business is usually better at the Eisteddfod than that in my real shop, especially when the weather is good."
Shop owner Gwyn Siôn Ifan (on the right)

4. As well as the National Eisteddfod, there's an annual Urdd National Eisteddfod in May which is for all the young people under 25. They are selling toys all week to help their fundraising and have done very well so far. 

Dafydd, FFlintshire youth officer

As well as the stand, they have a trampoline area for children at £1.50 a go.

5. For Nia Clement, the owner of  Gemwaith Nia Jewellery, it ususally gets busy from Wednesday onwards every year at the Eisteddfod. 

Gemwaith Nia Jewellery

Unique hand made jewellery