"Never underestimate your power to do immense good" 

LandAid's 30th Year

On 1 April 2016 we announced our 10-year ambition to unite the property industry in working to end youth homelessness.

Thanks to your support, and in our 30th year, we raised more money, brokered more pro bono expertise, and helped more young people than ever before.

Your money has supported thousands of young people, and for many it has been life-changing. Watch Abu's story:

We want to say thank you, and to tell you a bit more about the difference you have helped us make. Scroll down and find out more. 

Our new focus - 
Ending Youth Homelessness

Last year, 8,833 young people's lives were helped by LandAid funded projects. 

More than 80,000 young people now experience homelessness every year.

Homelessness has doubled since 2010.

Living in overcrowded hostels, going from sofa to sofa or, worse still, sleeping on the streets, young people across the country need your help.

Creating long term homes 

There are 200,000 long-term empty properties in England alone. We are also helping to convert these properties into safe warm homes for young people at risk of homelessness!

In Leeds, we gave award-winning Canopy Housing a grant of £80,000 to bring three long-term empty properties back to life.

They're part of a programme to renovate a total of 10 empty properties that Canopy will work on over the next two years.

As well as protecting young people from homelessness, the projects provide valuable work experience to help people to find skilled employment.

All three houses are now refurbished and providing safe homes for young people.

LandAid House

In March we launched our new capital appeal to raise £1.5m to rebuild the City YMCA Errol Street Hostel. 

The pioneering project will provide 146 much-needed beds for young people facing homelessness. 

And we are proud to say that the building will be called... LandAid House. 

Young Voices

In May we launched our Young Voices project.

Funded by leading construction company, Mace, the project gave young people who have been homeless a voice, and the opportunity to speak to property professionals round the country.

It helped build young people's skills and confidence, and provided a platform for them to share their experiences, views and ambitions.

It was a collaboration between LandAid, our long-term charity partner St. Basils in Birmingham and the National Youth Reference Group – a forum for young people around the UK who are or have been homeless.

'Young people have the capability to inspire and energise professionals in a way which no other speakers do." 

One of our Young Voice leaders was Arabella:

 young people were engaged on the programme. They gained a range of skills                               including how to share their stories safely. 


          property professionals met and heard from our Young Voice leaders


Our Young Voices videos have been viewed over 500 times and continue to        raise the issue of youth homelessness on the property industry's agenda. 

The difference our Pro Bono Programme makes to charities

In 2016, every £1 of professional property advice, was worth £5 to the charities who benefited!

As well as awarding grants, LandAid brokers professional property advice for charities, bringing together experts from across the property industry who offer their time and advice for free.

Our unique Pro Bono Programme is a great way for companies to give back, and to add value. While often employees want to volunteer their time to paint walls and plant trees, their professional expertise is far more valuable.

It makes a huge difference to the 39 charity partners who benefitted.

And it saves them a huge amount of money.


                     companies provided free professional property expertise


                           charity projects benefited from that expertise 

"Never underestimate your power to do immense good" 
HRH The Duke of Cambridge

LandAid's 30th anniversary year saw a record-breaking year for our events, raising over £650,000 across the year – our highest total ever!


                                             raised on LandAid Day 


                        raised by the LandAid 10K sponsored by GVA


                            raised by the TowerAthlon sponsored by Savills


                   raised by LandAid’s industry partner and supporter events

To celebrate our 30th anniversary, we held a Gala Dinner in March, raising £288,000. We were proud to welcome HRH The Duke of Cambridge who spoke with passion about youth homelessness, an issue close to his heart:

"Youth homelessness is for me such an emotive issue. And it is why I am so immensely encouraged by your ambition to make a difference on this subject. Your ability as an industry to affect real and lasting change is unmatched by anyone else.

To harness your charitable support, as LandAid does, to help tackle the tragedy of youth homelessness is inspiring. I wish more industries had the zeal and focus that you do.

I know that you will make tonight a wonderful success for LandAid. But I hope you will also help make the weeks, months and years ahead a wonderful success for all of us who are determined to end youth homelessness.

Thank you for everything you are doing. And please be generous. Don't underestimate your power to do immense good tonight.

A very happy 30th birthday to LandAid."

HRH The Duke of Cambridge

Being LandAid's champions

We couldn't do it without your help.

At the end of 2016/17 LandAid was supported by a total of 145 companies across the property and construction industry. We had 74 Foundation Partners and 71 other companies and networks who fundraised for us, provided free property expertise for our projects, hosted events and so much more!

Our Ambassadors

At the end of our 30th year, we had 274 Ambassadors! These rising stars of the property industry raised awareness of LandAid’s work in their companies and raised vital funds to help us change even more lives.

Charlie (below) tells us why she enjoys being an Ambassador:

"I really enjoy being an Ambassador because I get to see first-hand how LandAid help and support young homeless people across the country. The Ambassador programme has allowed me to work with my fellow Midlands Ambassadors across the sector to share ideas but also work together to raise awareness and contributions. I am really looking forward to what we can achieve next year."

We also ran our very first Ambassador Challenge – which proved to be even more a challenge that we first thought! In September last year, 30 property professionals raced to summit 24 mountains in 24 hours, raising an amazing £8,000 for us.

Thank you to everyone who made our 30th year so special. It is with your support that we are able to help those who need it most.

Looking forward, LandAid is focused on providing safe, secure and affordable accommodation for young people across the country who have experienced homelessness.

We will achieve this by supporting new build projects such as LandAid House, the pioneering 146 bed accommodation being built in East London, and by helping accommodation projects that need upgrading, and by bringing empty properties back to life around the UK.

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