From the Netherlands to Afghanistan

Improving Lives and Livelihoods

Having lived and worked in the Netherlands since 2000 in the field of water management, Tabesh Naim has a lot to offer his country of origin: Afghanistan.

In recent years flooding in Afghanistan has resulted in significant loss of life and livelihood as well as damage to property. Between 1976 and 2001, the United Nations Humanitarian Assistance Services has reported as many as 31 major floods, affecting 1.4 million people countrywide, killing some 18,700 people and causing about US$414 million in damage to the rural economy.

"I have a good relationship with my origin, I have contact with my friends and colleagues there, and I follow current events and, political and social activities". 

Tabesh Naim also considers the Netherlands as his home country, he speaks fluent Dutch and has gained valuable insight on innovative water management strategies. With the help of IOM Netherlands' 'Connecting Diaspora for Development’ (CD4D) project, Tabesh is able to transfer his knowledge and influence policies at the Afghan Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development.

"I'm working for the Water Resources/Irrigation section of Regional Program Coordination Office of MRRD. MRRD is one active member of Supreme Council of Water & Land Affairs Management of (CWAML) Afghanistan under direct direction of the president& Secretary of the Ministry of Energy & Water (MEW). Currently CWAML is busy with reviewing of the National Policy on Flood Management".


Every year the major rivers in Afghanistan experience flooding, inundating large areas, damaging crops, and destroying property. Erosion of riverbanks resulted in many thousands of hectares of productive land being washed away. Even during periods of low flows the soft alluvial banks are undermined, resulting in land slumping into the river.

This is the fourth time Tabesh has taken part in a migration and development project in Afghanistan, such as CD4D. His unique insight into Dutch water management technics and his Afghan roots permit him to work in close coordination with the local community and improve their lives and livelihoods.