Change Begins With Choice

Sulaiman Conteh - Sierra Leone

It all began when I had a call from a former Temporary Return of Qualified Nationals (TRQN) participant in London that a project has been created by IOM Netherlands called Connecting Diaspora for Development (CD4D) of which Sierra Leone is a beneficiary. Out of curiosity, I browsed the internet to get more information on the project and I was interested on what I read and made a choice to apply when I saw a ToR from The Civil Service Training College (CSTC) seeking for a Specialist in Entrepreneurship. Having a sea of experience in the domain of Management, I sent my resume and I was selected and deployed at the CSTC.

Being someone who has always wished to make important changes in Sierra Leone, I decided to seize the opportunity given to me by IOM the Netherlands and flew to Sierra Leone to commence my assignment. During the first three months of my assignment at the CSTC, I redesigned the curriculum on Entrepreneurship for students and Civil Servants. I taught diverse modules and mentored both students and lecturers in management. The assignment was given to me at a time when CSTC was yearning for a specialist in Entrepreneurship which they could not afford because of the institution's financial inability to hire a specialist. Therefore, I was overwhelmed when I arrived knowing full well that the knowledge I was going to transfer to them could be managed effectively after the assignment.

Nonetheless, there were challenges I faced during the aforementioned period. The internet network is still at its infant phase in Sierra Leone thus I sometimes had difficulties getting information on the internet as the server is always slow making it impossible to browse.

Giving back to the country of one's origin is always a wonderful experience knowing that one is empowering the capacity of students and civil servants which has a direct positive impact in the economic growth of not only the country but also the people.