A Fishy Business in Somaliland

In the midst of election campaigns in Somaliland, Mr. Nasir Ali set out to research the region's internal and external fish markets and explore potential markets for fish products. The potential in this sector is huge since the country has 850 km of coastline and extensive unexploited fish stocks.

"The Ministry invited me to conduct a quantitative baseline survey to back-up my findings and to build data that can be used to track the impact of government efforts to develop the sector. Finding local data and statistics in Somaliland is extremely challenging as data is not collected on a regular basis".

"Currently the fish industry employs about 2000 people but the demand for fish continues to rise as many consumers turn to white meat as a healthy alternative to red meat, and this motivates local fishermen to hunt for more fish. Eventually this will lead to increased economic activities along the fish value chain. And since the catches are sold on the local markets, fish also provides protection against food insecurity".

Mr. Nasir Ali carried out value chain analysis in the fish market and identified constraints and best possible solutions needed in the fish market. His hard work and expertise provided valuable insights to the Ministry of Fisheries and also led to the extension of the assignment.

"The CD4D program gave me the opportunity to re-connect with my country, and more importantly the chance to share my expertise. I had a wonderful time in Somaliland, the country really exceeded my expectations in every possible way. My greatest challenge during the assignment was the campaign for the Presidential elections as it made the coordination of meetings and general communication strenuous".